Hollister Urinary Leg Bags - 10 Pack

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Hollister Leg Bag

These Hollister Urinary Leg Bags are for use with male external catheters and indwelling catheters, as well as the male urinary pouch.


  • Wide bore flexible tubing allows for quick and easy drainage preventing back flow of urine
  • Anti reflux valve helps to prevent the risk of urinary tract infections
  • White lever tap is a simple and safe tap designed for people with limited or poor dexterity. Reassuring click when tap is closed.
  • Sample port at the connector allows a sample to be obtained for diagnostic purposes
  • Soft fabric waterproof backing on the body side
  • Ridged cone on the adaptor helps provide an easy connection to ensure maximum security
  • Tubing can be cut to suit individual needs


  • Sterile
  • Size: CTF 800 ml with variable inlet (with 27 oz variable inlet)
  • 50cm Tube Lever Tap
  • 20 Leg Straps
  • Quantity per Pack: 10 Leg Bags per Pack
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