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Dressings & Bandages

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    3M Micropore Tapes


    A$ 18.95 - A$ 36.90
    3M Micropore Medical Tapes  Latex free Material: Paper Roll Colour: White Hypoallergenic paper tapes that are gentle to the skin yet adhere well and leave minimal adhesive residue upon removal. An economical, general purpose, breathable...
    A$ 18.95 - A$ 36.90
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    A$ 18.95 - A$ 36.90
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Wound Dressing Products & Medical Bandage Supplies Australia

Alpha Medical Solutions is a trusted source of bandages and wound dressing products in Australia. We offer practical solutions to medical centres, dentists, hospitals, aged care, and home customers requiring high-quality and innovative medical supplies. As leading wound dressing and medical bandages supplier, we offer an extensive range of medical bandage tape, including crepe bandage, compression bandage, and surgical medical tape.

Get better outcomes for your patients

Every healthcare provider wants to achieve the best possible experience for their patients. The best care means having the right products available for the situation and the individual. Alpha Medical Solutions is an NDIS Registered Provider dedicated to supporting better outcomes for patients, their families, and their caregivers.

We know that some patients face a long journey for treatment and recovery, which requires ongoing care. Alpha Medical Solutions is a disability service provider that supports the journey throughout a patient’s disability. We have a diversity of products to address both short- and long-term needs for disability patients.

Shop our entire range of medical equipment and supplies, and find everything you need from a single trusted source.

Quality wound dressing products and bandages online

We also have a selection of unique wound care and dressing products for special situations. Shop from a list of popular brands, including 3M, Multigate, Tubigrip, Aquacel, Allevyn, and more.

Browse our products and find everything you need to provide first-rate care in the clinic or at home. You can also count on quality customer care. We ship Australia-wide and are happy to answer any questions you have about our products. Contact us anytime for assistance with your order.