Autoclave Pouches

Autoclave Pouches

Autoclave Medical Sterilisation Pouches & Supplies

Autoclave equipment is essential for any clinic or hospital that relies on a sterile environment. Industries outside of the medical industry also have the need for reliable autoclaves, although the requirements for various applications differ. 

There are five basic types of autoclaves, including:

  • High Vacuum Steam
  • Gravity Steam
  • Chemical
  • ETO Gas
  • Dry Heat

In settings where the highest autoclave temperatures are used, autoclave pouches are necessary to retain the integrity of the objects placed inside. When purchasing any autoclave supplies, you must use the correct product for the particular autoclave type. For example, polypropylene bags are designed for use in chemical vapour pressure and high vacuum steam autoclaves. Dry heat autoclaves reach higher temperatures without steam, so they use nylon bags.

The right autoclave supplies for the job

At Alpha Medical Solutions, we carry high-quality autoclave pouches that provide a range of sterilisation solutions. The Medipack self-sealing pouches are used for steam 

autoclaves. They have an indicator strip that automatically seals quickly and consistently. The pouch doesn’t hinder the sterilisation process, and the contents remain sterile until you open the pouch to use them.

Biomedex autoclave pouches feature an automatic seal and built-in indicators. When used with steam sterilisation, the indicator turns blue. In EO gas autoclaves, the indicator turns pink.

The Duo-Check autoclave pouches from Crosstex are made from medical grade paper. The blue-tinted transparent film allows you to easily view the contents, while pre-fold and process indicator arrows are compatible with both steam and EO sterilisation agents.

Optimise the functions of your autoclave equipment

Our range of autoclave supplies includes products such as:

  • Autoclave Tape
  • Autoclave & Sterilization Pouches
  • Autoclave Sterilization Pouches
  • Paper, Indicator tape and more

Alpha Medical Solutions brings unique, innovative, and revolutionary products that help heal or improve your patients’ quality of life.

Shop our collection of autoclave supplies and enjoy free USP delivery on orders over $200 to Sydney Metro. Contact us with any questions you have about our products and making the best choice for your applications.

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