Mobility Walker

Mobility Walker

Mobility Walker

At Alpha Medical Solutions, we know how important independence is to your patients and loved ones. That’s why we offer a range of daily living aidsto foster that sense of independence. Our mobility aid walkers — also known as rollators — are walkers with wheels designed to offer greater freedom and a higher quality of life to elderly, disabled, and otherwise incapacitated individuals who find it difficult to move around on their own.

We carry a comprehensive selection of mobility walkers and other mobility equipment, from light and portable rollators to underarm crutches and more. Our manual walking equipment is made from sturdy and durable materials that are light enough to manoeuvre easily, allowing your patients to achieve a great range of motions and enjoy their independence.

Furthermore, our walkers for elderly individuals and patients with limited balance can help reduce the risk of dangerous falls and accidents. Choosing the right mobility walker is imperative, as this ensures the safety and comfort of the individual using it. Browse our selection today to find an affordable and effective solution that meets your needs.

Daily living aids and medical supplies at Alpha Medical Solutions

In addition to mobility aid walkers, our team at Alpha Medical Solutions is also happy to provide other important medical equipment and supplies for both commercial and in-home clients. Our one-stop-shop offers a vast range of daily living aids such asshower chairs, wheelchairs, nutrition supplies, fall prevention and alarm items, and so much more.

Feel free to browse our online collection to find the supplies and equipment you require. Have a question or need assistance? Contact us through email or call 1300 783 747 today.

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