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Alcohol Medical Wipes & Sanitising Wipes

Proper sanitation of all clinical equipment and workspaces is essential to provide gold-standard patient care. Choosing the best medical-grade disinfectant wipes will ensure that your facility is safe for every patient who visits. Alpha Medical Solutions is proud to offer an extensive selection of hospital-grade disinfectant wipes, including Isowipes and alcohol medical wipes.

What is the difference between cleaning wipes and hospital-grade disinfectant wipes?

In medical settings, thorough cleaning and sanitation are essential for patient safety. Inadequately disinfected surfaces can pose a serious health risk for many patients. Hospital-grade disinfectants are chemical cleaning wipes that meet the criteria to disinfect (removes potentially harmful pathogens) on widely-used hospital surfaces.

Cleaning wipes are more commonly used in household or non-medical settings. While they may be able to clean surfaces, they are not proven to remove pathogens and are not to be used to replace hospital-grade cleaners.

Why do the percentages of Benzethonium Chloride and Isopropyl Alcohol matter in medical-grade disinfectant wipes?

Cleaning supplies made of 0.1% - 0.3% of benzethonium chloride have been proven to be effective for killing bacteria while remaining safe for contact with human skin. Benzethonium Chloride does not kill viruses.

Medical alcohol wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol or higher are considered to be medical-grade. Isopropyl alcohol is effective in killing bacteria, fungus, and some viruses on the hands and on surfaces at this concentration.

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Alpha Medical Solutions offers a wide selection of medical supplies and hospital grade hand sanitiser for the clinical, hospital and home care setting. All online orders of Alpha Medical Solutions medical supplies over $200 AUS are freight free for the Sydney NSW metro area. Alpha Medical Solutions reserves the right to provide a freight quote for larger or unusual heavy orders.

Please feel free to contact us for additional support with your online order.