Biohazard Bags

Biohazard Bags

Disposable Biohazard Bag

At Alpha Medical Solutions, we understand the critical importance of the proper disposal of hazardous materials. We offer a comprehensive selection of biohazard disposal bags and related products to meet the stringent requirements of medical and research facilities across the country and the world. Discover our range of biohazard bag supplies in Australia, ensuring safe and compliant waste handling.

Clinical and Cytotoxic Biohazard Disposal Bags

We also sell biohazard disposal bags designed for specific waste types. For instance, Clinical Waste Bags are ideal for contaminated clinical waste. These yellow bags are clearly marked as hazardous, so the possibility of any confusion is lowered. There are also Cytotoxic Waste Bags specially designed for the safe disposal of radioactive waste associated with cancer treatment. These bags are chemically resistant and correctly labelled for bio-hazard medical waste.

Specimen Bags

For the safe handling of specimens, we offer Biohazard Specimen Bags. Featuring two compartments and a 3-ply construction, these bags are ideal for secure specimen transport.

There are also Clinical Waste Bags - specimen bags for contaminated clinical waste. These bags are equipped with a front pocket, designed for specimen storage and transport. And finally, Alpha Medical Solutions sells Resealable Zip Lock Bags, which are perfect for various applications. They are an essential piece of biohazard bag supplies, being recyclable, clear, and equipped with three white panels for labelling.

Biohazard Bins

All the biohazard bins sold by Alpha Medical Solutions are designed for the safe and hygienic disposal of hazardous waste. These include Bin 60 Litres LidLifta, which is a 60-litre capacity foot pedal bin that offers convenient and hygienic waste disposal. Bin 50 Litres LidLifta is a cylindrical, 50-litre foot pedal bin designed for ease of use and effective waste containment. The smallest model in our offer is Bin 35 Litres LidLifta, which is very compact. This cylindrical, 35-litre foot pedal bin is perfect for smaller spaces, ensuring safety and hygiene.

At Alpha Medical Solutions, we are committed to providing high-quality biohazard bag supplies. Whether you're a healthcare provider, researcher, or involved in waste management, our range of biohazard bags in Australia is designed to ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance. As a leading biohazard bag supplier, we stand ready to meet your needs with our extensive and reliable product selection.

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