Funding Schemes

Funding Schemes

What financial assistance is available to help manage the cost of incontinence products?

The Australian Government provides various forms of funding to assist with the purchase of health care products, including with the costs of incontinence products. There are many national and state based funding schemes, each holds its own eligibility criteria and funding allocations. Funding assistance is open to all Australian citizens who meet the eligibility criteria. You may even be eligible to apply for assistance through several schemes. Here we’ve summarised the various options available across Australia.

Funding Schemes    National Funding Schemes

1) National Disability Insurance Scheme &  Consumable Incontinence products (NDIS)

Supporting eligible Australians with a significant or permanent disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is used to help its participants to identify and achieve goals. There are many support categories within the NDIS, including Core Supports which offers the option to purchase NDIS consumables such as incontinence products and aids. 

2) Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS)

Developed by the Australian Government as a means to assist those with the financial costs associated with severe or permanent incontinence needs. 

Other Funding Help For Continence Care

Dependent on your needs, you may be eligible for financial assistance through one of the additional funding schemes available.