Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves

Surgical Disposable Gloves

Surgical gloves are an essential component of medical safety protocols, serving as an imperative barrier against infections and cross-contamination. A necessity for healthcare professionals and researchers alike, surgical disposable gloves provide an effective protective barrier while providing users with the freedom to perform intricate and sensitive operations. At Alpha Medical Solutions, we have an extensive range of surgical disposable gloves in Australia that cater to individual needs, from latex and non-latex options to glove dispensers. Let us examine into more details each type of glove in our offer.

Latex Surgical Disposable Gloves Australia

Ansell Gammex Latex PF Gloves are surgical gloves that feature a wide thumb joint area and soft latex formulation, offering unparalleled comfort and less hand fatigue. The internal polymer coating ensures effortless wear, both damp and dry. Their mildly textured finish allows for secure handling of instruments in both wet and dry conditions. Furthermore, these gloves have non-detectable levels of chemical accelerators, minimizing the risk of Type IV allergic reactions.  Protexis Latex Ortho gloves offer extra protection. The water-based hydrogel coating enhances the "second-skin" comfort of natural latex. These gloves also feature an interlocking, beaded cuff design that helps prevent roll-down and can be worn alone or as part of a double-gloving system.

Non-Latex Surgical Disposable Gloves

Gammex Non-Latex Surgical Gloves are made for those with latex allergies or chemical sensitivities. Manufactured from a new-generation neoprene blend, these gloves mimic the characteristics of natural rubber latex, while eliminating the risks associated with it. They are both latex-free and chemical accelerator-free, providing increased tensile strength and greater puncture resistance.

Glove Dispensers

Efficient organization and ease of access to gloves are essential in any healthcare environment. The Ansell Glove Dispenser is an excellent solution for storing and dispensing your surgical disposable gloves. Made of durable metal and coloured in a clean, clinical white, this dispenser is designed specifically to hold Ansell’s examination glove range, although it can accommodate gloves of similar size and shape. We also offer Glove Dispenser - Halyard which provides another convenient and versatile option for glove storage. Made of semi-transparent, injection-moulded poly-carbonate plastic, this clear dispenser is designed to hold Halyard examination gloves and fits most standard box sizes. Available in single, double, or triple-tier configurations, it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to suit your space requirements. The built-in dividers facilitate the easy loading and unloading of glove boxes.


At Alpha Medical Solutions, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality medical supplies that cater to all your needs. Whether it's latex or non-latex gloves or practical glove dispensers, we have you covered. Browse through our extensive range to find the products that are right for you. Feel free to rely on Alpha Medical Solutions, your trusted partner in healthcare.

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