Hand Towel Dispenser

Hand Towel Dispenser

Hand Paper Towel Dispensers

Good hand hygiene has become an even more important issue during recent years. Washing your hands regularly helps prevent the spread of infectious disease and bacteria. However, it isn’t just washing hands that matters — hand drying also plays an important role in reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Hand towels are even more effective than warm air dryers at preventing the spread of germs.

How hand towel dispensers help

A dispenser for hand towels is an efficient and more hygienic way to supply hand towels to your staff. They help reduce waste while ensuring only the towel the person uses gets touched. The strategic placement of hand paper towel dispensers will encourage more frequent hand washing for the safety of your employees.

Alpha Medical Solutions offers a range of hand towel dispensers such as Kimberly Clark paper towel dispensers, to fit every setting and application. Browse our collection of hand towels and enjoy free shipping on order of over $200 to Sydney Metro. 

Our collection includes:

  • Versa towel dispenser to deliver safe and economic delivery of Versa Towels on a perforated roll
  • Multifold hand paper towel dispenser
  • Kleenex hand towel dispenser with single sheet dispensing
  • Kleenex facial tissue in bulk
  • Wall-mounted hand soap and hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Glove dispensers

Experience the convenience of hand towel dispensers

Hand towel dispensers are easy to maintain. See-through windows let you know when a machine needs to be refilled. Easy-to-access models make refilling fast and easy. Give your employees the option to access hand towels and sanitisers wherever you need them. Keep your dispensers filled and create a more hygienic working place.

Alpha Medical Solutions offers unique, innovative solutions for hospitals, medical centres, and more. Browse our range of hand towel dispensers for the solutions you need in large and small spaces. Our products make it easy and convenient for your employees to practice hand hygiene.

If you have questions or need help making the right choice for your facility, contact us today.

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