Tena Incontinence Products 

Tena offers innovative high quality products for continence care and personal hygiene for adults. All Tena incontinence products are developed for comfort, dignity and optimum skin health.

Tena Pants

Tena Pants or Tena Pull-up Pants look and feel like regular underwear but offer the highest level of leakage protection. Tena Pull-up Pants are designed for people with moderate to heavy incontinence. They target absorption in all the right places, are discreet and are designed for easy toileting. The soft, stretchy and breathable fabric makes Tena Pants incredibly comfortable while the trim-fit makes them discreet, even under fitted clothing. Suitable to those with an active lifestyle, Tena Pull-up Pants give you the total comfort and security you’re looking for. 


  • Tena Pants range offers close body fit for security and confidence, whatever the individual's lifestyle
  • Tena Pants are as easy to put on as underwear
  • Tena Pants are available in a range of absorbency levels 

Tena Flex


  • Tena Flex are incontinence belted nappies with ComfiStretch elastic – a breakthrough for users and caregivers
  • Tena Flex have an innovative product design for skin health and wearing comfort
  • Tena Flex are ergonomic: apply belt first to minimise risk of lower back strain
  • High leakage security and long-lasting dryness