Nutritional Products Australia

Nutritional products are essential for many patients, from those struggling with maintaining normal body weight to those living with dysphagia or mobility issues. Of course, patients with strict dietary restrictions also benefit from Alpha Medical Solutions’ food offer. We are one of the biggest distributors of nutrition care products in Australia, providing medical staff and patients with quality supplements, food thickeners, high-calorie foods, and other nutritional products. 

Nutritional Supplement Drinks Australia

Discover a wide array of nutritional supplement drinks tailored to the Australian market at Alpha Medical Solutions. These drinks are meticulously formulated to provide essential nutrients that may be lacking from your diet.

Dietary Supplements 

Supplements are dietary products in the form of liquids, powders, and pills. These nutritional products are intended to supplement one’s diet with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibres, amino acids, enzymes, etc. In our offer, we have the best nutrition care products in Australia, including ready-to-drink beverages, thickened drinks, and powdered drinks.

1.Nutritional Products

We offer a whole line of drink supplements with different caloric values. In addition to what you regularly eat, high-calorie supplements offer calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals to boost your intake even more. High-calorie supplements can be manufactured at home, but buying them is a much safer way to deliver the necessary amount of calories. There are many commercial nutrition care products in Australia, manufactured by the best producers like Nutricia, Nestle, and Flavour Creations. These products can assist individuals with cancer, dysphagia, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and other impairments to increase their calorie and nutrient consumption and improve their overall health. As an example, Resource Protein is a supplement with a high level of protein, designed for all patients with high protein requirements. 

2.Dysphagia Foods

People with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties require a special type of nutritional products in specially designed packaging. In many cases, it is much easier for people suffering from swallowing issues to ingest solid foods than liquids, thus our line of thickened drinks and foods. Our offer of dysphagia foods is vast, going from mildly thick to extremely thick liquids. Products from Flavour Creations come in special cups with an easy grip and opening system, so they are suitable for independent use by people with mobility issues as well. 

3.Food and Fluid Thickeners

Patients with dysphagia who find it easier to swallow thickened food can greatly benefit from food and fluid thickeners. Thickening products can be added to hot or cold nutritional products and meals to achieve the desired consistency. Nutilis powder from our line of nutrition care products in Australia even allows thickened products to be heated, cooled, or frozen without losing their consistency. Aptamil Food Thickener is perfect for infants who struggle with regurgitation or mild reflux. It is added to breast milk or formula, and is suitable for babies since the moment they are born. Nestle’s Thicken Up is an excellent aid in dysphagia. And finally, Thick-N-Instant has a few different products for liquid thickening of single-serve and bulk portions. 

4. Pill and Powder Supplements 

Prorox Healthy Prostate Bladder Control Capsules are a great supplement for those who need support for a healthy bladder and reduction of symptoms of urinary problems. Metamucil Fibre Supplement is a perfect nutritional product for those who want to maintain regular bowel movements and support the health of their gut. In our assortment, there are also the best tab and capsule supplements for liver health, vitamin and mineral levels, and omega-3 levels, as well as probiotics to maintain healthy functioning of the stomach and bowels. 


At Alpha Medical Solutions, we provide buyers with the best nutritional care products in Australia, from all types of special foods to pill supplements and thickeners. We also pride ourselves on top customer support, so feel free to contact us regarding any product from our nutrition products line.  

Who Needs Nutritional and Food Supplement Drinks

Understanding the necessity of supplements is pivotal. While many individuals obtain sufficient nutrients from their diets, statistics reveal that almost half of Australians resort to dietary supplements. However, the decision to incorporate supplements should be informed by specific circumstances and with proper medical consultation. For instance, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, older adults facing malnutrition challenges due to inadequate dietary intake, and those with health conditions hindering nutrient absorption, such as chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis, may benefit from supplements. Moreover, individuals with heightened requirements for certain nutrients, such as calcium for osteoporosis prevention, or those with restricted diets, like vegetarians lacking sufficient iron intake, may also necessitate supplementation. Furthermore, individuals diagnosed with nutritional deficiencies, as identified through blood tests, such as vitamin D deficiency, may require targeted supplementation. At Alpha Medical Solutions, we recognise the diverse nutritional needs of individuals and offer a range of nutritional and food supplement drinks to support overall health and well-being. Explore our selection to discover tailored solutions for your specific dietary requirements.

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