Dental Supplies

Dental Supplies

Dental Supplies

Alpha Medical Solutions stands at the forefront of providing premium dental supplies in Australia. We cater to a broad spectrum of needs within the dental community, offering everything from dentist equipment to dental accessories. Our commitment ensures that dental professionals, from clinics to private practices, have access to the best dental tools in Australia and all necessary supplies for comprehensive care.


Infection Control    

Dental Aspirator Tips      Autoclave Sterilization Pouches      Barrier Protection for Dental Offices     


Dental Bibs      Disinfectant - Cleaning Products      Surgical Mask     


Disposable Gloves      Hand Sanitiser      Soap     


  Surgical Gowns -Disposable Shoe Covers - Head Cap      


Dental Burs 

Dental Diamond Burs   Dental Steel Burs   


Dental Instruments 

Dental Extraction Instruments


Dental Laboratory Products 

Tungsten Carbide Cutters    Dental Acrylic Polishers    Yellowstone   



Endodontics Products 

Articulating Papers   Barbed Broaches   Finger Spreaders   


Gates Glidden   K Files   Paper Points   



Dental Prophylaxis 

Prophy Cups - Prophy Brushes     Fluoride Foam     Prophypaste     


Dental Restorative Products 

Dental Bands & Dental Retainers


Wound Care 

Betadine    Gauze Swabs    Sodium Chloride    


Syringes - Needles 

Dental Needles   Syringes   


Dental X-Ray Products 

 Dental X-ray Products


Cotton Products 

Cotton Balls    Dental Cotton Rolls    Dental Cotton Pellets    


Dental Consumables 

Micro Applicators   Saliva Ejectors   Syringe Tips   



Plastic Cups   Plastic Tray   Wooden Tongue Depressor  


 Tic Tong Plastic Tongue Depressor   


Paper Products  

Facial Tissue   Paper Hand Towel   Dispensers   


pads-195x225.gif   Versa Towel   Toilet Paper   


X-ray Supplies

X-ray technology is indispensable in dental diagnostics, and it is used for the diagnosis of different dental and mouth conditions. It is a tool that is included in almost every dental visit today. Alpha Medical Solutions offers a wide range of X-ray supplies, including sensor covers, film holders, x-ray fixers and developers, and bite wing holders, ensuring precise imaging and patient comfort. Our selection includes products from trusted brands, designed for ease of use and effectiveness in a dental setting.

Dental Bibs

Maintaining hygiene during dental procedures is paramount. Our range of dental bibs ensures patient cleanliness and protection. Available in various materials, colours (white and rainbow) and sizes, our bibs cater to different dental practice needs, enhancing the patient experience with comfort and safety. We also sell different bib chains made of silicone or metal

Sponges and Cotton Rolls

Sponges and cotton rolls are staples in dental practices for their absorbency and versatility. From controlling saliva to aiding in various dental procedures, high-quality products ensure efficiency and comfort for both dental professionals and patients. Those in need of quality dental supplies in Australia can find cotton pellets, cotton rolls, and hemostatic gelatine sponges in our online store.  

Covers and Sleeves

Infection control is a critical aspect of dental care. Alpha Medical Solutions offers a comprehensive range of covers and sleeves for equipment and furniture, ensuring a sterile environment, and minimising the risk of cross-contamination. From headrest covers (paper or plastic) and seat covers, to tray sleeves and air/water syringe sleeves, we provide eco-friendly and effective dental tools in Australia. For some hard-to-clean spots, we also offer barrier film roles that are easy to apply and remove. 

Dental Accessories

Beyond the basics, our miscellaneous dentist supplies section includes unique and essential products for daily dental care and specialised procedures. This way, Alpha Medical Solutions can be your one-stop dental supplier, giving your practice access to a comprehensive inventory for all aspects of dental care. For instance, we sell items like suction toothbrushes, mixing bowls, as well as air water syringe tips, and other dental supplies in Australia. 


At Alpha Medical Solutions, we understand the critical needs of dentists and technicians for good dental suppliers. Our extensive range of dental supplies AU is designed to support the highest standards of dental care. Browse our selection today and equip your practice with the best in dental supplies and equipment.


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