Dermal Curette Kai - 20 Pack

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Dermal Curette

Kai Dermal Curette has a firm place in the range of dermatological, diagnostic and therapeutic instruments. Kai Dermal Curette is one of the most versatile instruments. For that reason, Kai Dermal Curette is increasingly also used in other disciplines, such as plastic surgery and gynaecology. The aim of Kai Dermal Curette is the removal of a superficial skin changes with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Kai Dermal Curette is extremely sharp thus ensuring precise and gentle tissue removal. It can also be used for the treatment of superficial malignant tumours. The outstanding cutting ability makes working with it much easier compared with conventional products.


  • Stainless steel semi sharp cutting edge for soft or weak tissue
  • Size embossed on each curette for easy identification
  • Used in curettage of basal cell carcinoma, verruca or other benign neoplasms of the skin
  • Size: 2mm 


  • Outstanding quality: The single-sided, extremely sharp stainless steel cutting edge permits optimum curettage in soft or weak tissue.
  • Easy to use Size information on each curette makes identification easy. 
  • Sterile-packed disposable product 



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