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Tena Pads Instadry Standard Length 312x121mm 350ml - 20 Pack

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Tena Pads Instadry Standard Length

Tena light continence range is upgrading to be thinner, with new absorbency zone. 

Designed with a patented InstaDRY™ zone, to instantly lock liquid away to keep you dry and protected. Ideal for those with moderate to heavy urge incontinence, who want additional security and protection from bladder leaks. Its asymmetrical shaped core offers a 3D fit which contours to the body for greater comfort, fit and security.

The product is now 20% thinner and is shorter than  before.  It has a new feminine shape and print and a new pack design. Tena Extra Pad is a silky Soft Surface is designed with a smooth, gentle textile-like surface that instantly whisks away any moisture, leaving the individual dry and promoting good skin health.

Recomended for:

  • Moderate to heavy urge incontinence - losing about half a cup before getting to the toilet
  • Bladder loss associated with menopause
  • Moderate or frequent stress incontinence when coughing, laughing or sneezing
  • For long-lasting security when out and about and access to a toilet may not be practical
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