Dailee Lady Maxi Pads - 28 pack

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Dailee Lady Maxi

Dailee Lady by ConfidenceClub match the high absorbency of classic thicker products with the discretion of ultra-thin protection to deliver invisible reliability. Anatomically designed to fit discreetly and comfortably, they provide secure protection for active wearers. Dailee Lady Maxi PLUS is ideal for those experiencing moderate to high bladder weakness with an innovative, fast acting absorption core and leak barriers to keep you fresh and dry.

Both the Slim and Original products:

  • Innovative Ultra Dry core for fast acting, superior absorbency
  • Adhesive strip keep pad securely in place
  • Anatomically formed for optimal body fit
  • Enhanced security against leakage with side cuffs for containment
  • Active odour lock keeps you fresh with odour neutralising material
  • Silky soft for superior comfort against delicate skin
  • Discreet size and individually wrapped
  • Suitable for moderate to high bladder leakage
  • Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and latex free
  • Made in Italy

The Slim pad:

  • Ultra-thin (4 mm) pad for enhanced invisibility with surprisingly high absorbency
  • Laboratory confirmed 20% faster absorption speed than Original Maxi Plus pad
  • Ultra-soft top sheet with chamomile and aloe vera, for extra skin protection
  • Side cuffs made with lycra to make the sides more upright while wearing
  • Individually wrapped in a cotton-feel soft pouch
  • Size: 40 x 12cm

The Original pad:

  • Slightly thicker (5 mm) pad
  • Pad is 1 cm wider than the Slim Maxi Plus pad, a personal preference for some customers
  • Side cuffs made with elasticised material
  • Individually wrapped in a plastic pouch (PE)
  • Size: 40 x 13cm

** Note: Both these pads are proportionally designed, so they may be used either side forward. 

Maximum Capacity is the capacity identified in laboratory testing under ISO Standards. The Working Capacity that each user will experience will differ based on a number of factors including whether the user is female or male, the velocity of the flow, whether the user is primarily standing, walking, sitting or lying down when voiding, and more. It is generally accepted that Working Capacity is between 40% to 65% of Maximum Capacity 

Dailee Lady Pads feature Drylock Technology to absorb more leakage with less fluff, for a less bulky product that’s more environmentally conscious and with lower leakage rates


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Premium Slim Maxi Plus 


400x130 mm


Regular Maxi Plus 


400x130 mm


Premium Slim Maxi 


400x130 mm


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