Kimberly Clark Protecta Pads 4Ply - Case

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Kimberly Clark Protecta Pads 4Ply


The Protecta Pads are multi-purpose medical laminate plastic lines cut sheets made with four highly absorbent layers of tissue and one layer of soft polyethylene backing, laminated together to prevent strikethrough.


• Can be used as:

  • Medical procedures underlay
  • Covering benches and trays
  • Surface liner
  • Dental bib
  • Hygienic surface for dental tools
  • Feeding bib
  • Pillow Protector


• Features:

• Embossed pattern increases liquid absorbency, helping to prevent run off.

• Softness ensures optimum patient comfort

• 3-Ply Paper Tissue, 1-Ply Soft Polyethylene Laminated Together 

• Waterproof 

• Absorbent

• Single Use