MELAG Euroklav Plus 29VS S-Class Autoclave - Each

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  • MELAG Euroklav Plus 29VS S-Class Autoclave
  • MELAG Euroklav Plus 29VS S-Class Autoclave
  • MELAG Euroklav Plus 29VS S-Class Autoclave
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Melag Euroklav Plus 29VS S-Class Autoclave

Melag Euroklav Plus 29VS S-Class Autoclave is a robust steam steriliser powered with pre and post vacuum feature. This product offers 4 sterilisation programs and 2 test programs. Fitted with a sturdy and efficient vacuum pump, this product delivers quality and reliability through Pre and Post vacuum cycles and allows unwrapped/wrapped solid instruments and simple hollow body instruments to be sterilised. Robust control and monitoring of pressure and temperature necessary for safe sterilisation take place by means of sensors and an innovative micro-processing control unit.

The S-Class autoclaves offer four sterilisation programs and two test programs. The test programs can check and document the function of the autoclave in the medical practice at any time. After selecting and starting the desired program, the modern microprocessor controls and monitors the entire process automatically.

The Melag 23VS+ & 29VS+ include an effective Pre and Post Vacuum which creates a vacuum at the beginning and end of the sterilisation process.

Equipped with a powerful and efficient vacuum pump, a simple pre-vacuum occurs before sterilisation in order to remove air safely from the wrapping and from the interior of the instruments. The programmes of the VS are quick. They also have excellent drying results.

The VS models are suited for sterilising unwrapped/wrapped solid instruments, simple hollow body instruments (Hollow Body B) and smaller quantities of textiles.


  • 4 sterilising programs
  • Automatic drying cycle
  • Comes with 4 trays
  • Stainless steel chamber ' easy to clean
  • Pre-heating function
  • Both closed loop and one-way water systems available
  • Printer included
  • 2 year warranty
  • Quantity per Pack: 1 Each
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