Mepitel Silicone Dressing - 10 Pack

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Mepitel Silicone Dressing

Mepitel Silicone Dressing is designed to allow undisturbed healing. Mepitel is ideal for a wide range of wounds such as skin tears, skin abrasions, surgical incisions, second degree burns, partial and full thickness grafts and venous and arterial ulcers.

Mepitel uses effective soft silicone wound contact layer with Safetac adhesive technology which can be left in place for up to 14 days. Safetac is a proprietary adhesive technology that minimises pain to patients and trauma to wounds. Safetac technology is available exclusively on Mölnlycke dressings, including Mepitel.

Safetac technology is less painful because it:
1) adheres gently to dry intact skin, but not to moist wound surfaces
2) conforms to the skin’s uneven surface thereby covering a larger surface area which spreads peel forces on removal to prevent skin stripping
3) seals around wound margins, ensuring exudate does not spread to the surrounding skin thereby minimising maceration

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