EZbra Breast Dressing - Post Surgery Bra - 10 Pack

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  • EZbra Breast Dressing Post-Op Bra
  • EZbra Breast Dressing - Post Surgery Bra
  • EZbra Breast Dressing - Post Surgery Bra
  • EZbra Breast Dressing Post Surgery Bra
  • EZbra Post Surgery Bra stabilizes drain tubes and holds drain bulbs
  • EZbra Size Chart
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EZbra Breast Dressing Post-Op Bra

EZbra is a patented, hybrid wound dressing device combining both the primary wound dressing (contact) solution and providing medical grade compression, designed in the form of a bra. EZbra Breast Wound Dressing is a sterile, single-use, medical-grade compression bra as well as an elegant solution specifically crafted to cater to all post-breast surgery needs. 

EZbra is an All-In-One Advanced Breast Sterile Wound Dressing that provides the highest quality of care in accordance with post-op requirements of leading surgeons by reducing the risk of skin injury due to adhesives, and supporting drainage and compression required for post-op care. 

EZbra Post-Op Bra replaces standard bandages used in breast surgeries without the need of the wrapping process at the end of the surgery and during the patient's recovery period when the patient can change the bra themselves. EZbra Wound Dressing Bra is custom-made to fulfil physicians' demands and each patient’s specific shape and needs. By providing a tailored well-fitting option, EZbra medical breast wound dressing can ensure a safe and easier recovery process as well as offer patients support, comfort, and independence. EZbra provides a discreet and elegant look, allowing for patient recovery and healing with dignity. 

See below to learn more about EZbra’s features. 


  • Sterile 
  • Disposable 
  • Easy-to-apply bra, composed of breathable materials
  • Light and soft 
  • Elegant and discreet 
  • Absorbing advanced breast dressing 
  • No Adhesives  
  • Low adherent 
  • Rubber / Latex free 
  • Does not contain adhesives 
  • Single Use 
  • EZbra’s current version is all-white and non-printed or textured
  • Shelf life: 3 years shelf life
  • TGA ARTG 447030

Suitable for:  

EZbra is perfectly suited to the diverse requirements of all breast procedures: Aesthetic, Biopsy, Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, and reconstruction. EZbra is designed to fit all breast shapes and conditions, including asymmetric breasts and is intended to be used for the first 5-14 days immediately post-surgery. 

See the table below for the different types of treatments EZbra post-op care can be used for:

Treatment Description
Biopsy Tissue Sample Extraction for Diagnostic Purposes
Breast Augmentation Surgical procedure to increase breast size
Breast Reconstruction Reconstruct breast after mastectomy or lumpectomy
Gender-Affirming Breast Surgery Aligns the chest with one's gender identity
Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction
Implant Removal Removal of breast implants for medical or personal reasons
Lumpectomy Surgical removal of a tumor whilst preserving as much of the breast as possible
Mammaplasty Breast Reduction
Mastectomy Removal of breast tissue for medical or preventive reason
Mastopexy Breast Lift


Please find tailored recommendations for each procedure, enhancing your experience with EZbra and ensuring optimal results:

Aesthetics Procedures:

EZbra Aaesthetics Procedures


Cancer Procedures:

EZbra Cancer Procedures

How to use EZbra:

EZbra is an All-In-One Advanced Breast Sterile Dressing that provides the highest quality of care in accordance with the post-op requirements of leading surgeons. By providing a tailored well-fitting option, this medical breast dressing can ensure a safe, dignified and easier recovery process. Please check instrutions on the video tutorials on the "Videos" Tab on this page.

The EZbra Advantages:

EZbra is a ground breaking advancement in post-operative breast care: 

  • Controlled Compression: Allows adjusting of various compression levels to fit each patient specific needs
  • Easy Application: Easy and fast dressing post-op, designed to reduce operating room time and recurring clinic visits
  • Adhesive Free: Made to reduce allergic reactions and medical adhesive skin injuries. No rubber latex or adhesives
  • Customizable: Designed for individual fit of the breast and definition of breast folds. EZbra comes with adjustable straps to model the shape each breast.
  • Drain Management:  Stabilizing drain tubes and holding drain bulbs 
  • Absorption: Absorbent multilayer occlusive dressing, sterile, with low adherence. EZbra features three distinct and individually adjustable layers of compression, ensuring optimal comfort and support during the recovery process.

EZbra Advantages



EZbra Cup is composed of 3 different non-woven layered textiles that fully cover the breast. The cups absorb the fluids and prevents staining: 

  1. Wound contact layer: Perforated and elastic non-woven textile (made of 95% polyethylene (PE), 1% functional master batch, 4% white master batch)
  2. Absorbent layer: Absorbent non-woven textile made of viscose and polyester
  3. Backing layer: Elastic non-woven textile made of polyolefin 


Size Chart:

Select Your Perfect Fit: EZbra simple size chart can help you find the right EZbra for maximum comfort:

EZbra Size Chart



EZbra is made of non-woven, which is a synthetic material. Some patients show sensitivity to this type of material and may develop a skin condition, same as babies who develop rashes using disposable diapers, or women who develops the same condition due to the use of sanitary napkins. EZbra adverse reaction records which identified such a condition in the past, comprises 0.02% of the users of our device. This condition is regarded as mild and mostly resolves without any medical intervention.

If you are a Breast Surgeon or Nurse and you have never applied EZbra on your patients, please feel free to Contact Us to request some samples.


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