Naropin Plain - 5 Pack

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  • Naropin Plain
  • Naropin Plain
  • Naropin Plain - 5 Pack
  • Naropin Plain - 5 Pack
  • Naropin Plain - 5 Pack
  • Naropin Plain - 5 Pack



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Naropin Plain 

Naropin is an anesthetic (numbing medicine) that blocks the nerve impulses that send pain signals to your brain. It is used as a local (in only one area) anesthesia for a spinal block, also called an epidural. The medication is used to provide anesthesia during a surgery or C-section, or to ease labor pains. 

Naropin offers faster return of motor function with effective onset and duration of sensory block.

Depending on the amount used, Naropin will either totally stop pain or will cause a partial loss of feeling.


  • Clear colourless solution for injection or infusion.
  • The active ingredient is ropivacaine hydrochloride, plus
    • sodium chloride
    • hydrochloric acid or
    • sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment
    • water for injections.
  • Naropin®0.2% (2.0 mg/mL), 0.75% (7.5 mg/mL) and 1% (10.0 mg/mL) are available in 10 mL and 20 mL polypropylene ampoules (Polyamp®DuoFit®)
  • Naropin®0.2% (2.0 mg/mL) is also available in 100mL and 200mL polypropylene infusion bags (Polybag®)


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