Baxter Sodium Chloride Intravenous Infusion BP Bag

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Baxter 0.9% Sodium Chloride IV Infusion BP Bag


Baxter 0.9% Sodium Chloride IV Infusion BP Bag is used for:

  • Treatment of fluid loss and to restore sodium chloride balance in the body fluid. An optimum level of salts in circulation is essential for good health.
  • Treatment of patients who are unable to take fluids and nutrients by mouth. It is also used for dilution of other medicines before injection into the body.
  • In the management of metabolic alkalosis in the presence of fluid loss
  • Restoring or maintaining the concentration of sodium and chloride ions (control of water distribution, fluid and electrolyte balance)


  • Intended for slow intravenous sodium chloride injection, IV infusion
  • Sterile
  • Isotonic saline solution
  • Supplied in Viaflex airtight plastic bags loose
  • Contains 9 grams of Sodium Chloride for 1 litre of Water for Injections
  • Clear colourless solution
  • The chemical name is sodium chloride with molecular formula NaCl. 



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Technical Information:

Manufacturer: Baxter

Storage: Store below 30c, Do not freeze.

Warning:  Single use for one person only.