ColOff - Specimen Collection Facilitator Sachet - 50 Pack

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  • ColOff - Specimen Collection Facilitator Sachet - 50 Pack
  • ColOff - Specimen Collection Facilitator Sachet - 50 Pack
  • ColOff - Specimen Collection Facilitator Sachet - 50 Pack
  • ColOff - Specimen Collection Facilitator Sachet - 50 Pack
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ColOff® is a disposable medical device that facilitates specimen collection in the physiological position (sitting on the toilet seat) such as: 


• Stool Test (Faeces) 

• Urine Test 

• Screening Test (Faecal occult blood test - FOBT) 

• Pregnancy Test




• Sterile

• Disposable

• Comfortable

• Easy to use (in the physiological position)

• Safe (minimizes specimen contamination)



Nurse Time Benefits: Increasing productivity and convenience – ColOff®'s single use system improves working conditions and staff efficiency, allowing more time to care for other patients. ColOff® is convenient because it allows patients to undertake the test in the physiological position thereby increasing the patient’s dignity and minimizing the need to cope with any unpleasantness.


Environmental Benefits: Lowering environmental impact – ColOff® is disposable and its single use system requires no energy and water compared to re-usable systems (bedpans and urinals) used for specimen collection. Most importantly, it results in cost savings associated with not using an autoclave - which demands time, electricity and water (autoclave needs to be on for at least 15 - 20 min under high pressure in order to sterilise). ColOff® also has minimal environmental impact, since it is made from Green Plastic - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - a renewable raw material that is 100% recyclable.


Diseases Detection Benefits: Increasing Test responses – Due to its simplicity, ColOff® increases the number of responses returned to pathology labs for analysis of stool, urine and FOBT tests and consequently helps increase the number of bowel cancer cases detected.


Infection and Contamination Prevention Benefits: Raising infection and contamination control standards – ColOff® is sterile and its single use system minimizes concerns of patients or specimen contamination.


Financial Benefits: Reduced running costsColOff®'s single use system costs significantly less to purchase, operate and maintain than alternative re-usable systems. Further financial benefits are provided through the savings in nursing time and reduction of costly healthcare-associated infections


• Each sachet contains: 1 ColOff® disposable specimen collection facilitator 

• Australian Registration Number: AUST_R_219634 

• Shelf Life: Indefinite (store in a cool, dry place below 30oC)

• ColOff® Instructions leaflet

• ColOff®'s CMI

• ColOff®'s - Accreditation  by The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency for The Laurels Hostel, a residential aged care facility (Page 24).

• ColOff®'s testimonials

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