Urgo Hydrogel Tube 15G - Each

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  • Urgo Hydrogel Tube 15G
  • Urgo Hydrogel Tube 15G
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Urgo Hydrogel 

Urgo Hydrogel is a gel for moistening dry necrotic wounds which require continous softening to accelerate the healing process. Urgo Hydrogel can be used under Urgo Algoplaque Film dressing which prevents the surface of the gel from drying out and strenghthens its moistening properties.

Upon contact with the wound, the gel conveys water to the necrotic tissue. Its high viscosity means that the hydrogel remains cohesive upon application and does not run, even on sloping wounds.

Urgo Hydrogel is made from guar gum, propylene glycol (moistening agent) purified water (80%)

  • UrgoHydrogel is an amorphous, clear and viscous gel made of polysaccharide polymer of natural origin dispersed in an aqueous phaseConsistent moisture levels at the wound bed
    • Continuous water release
  • High Viscosity
  • Provides a moist wound environment
  • Assists in the acceleration of the healing process
  • Facilitates an unimpeded spread of Hydrogel across the wound bed
  • Consistent autolytic debriding action
  • Quantity per Pack: 1 Each
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