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About Us

Alpha Medical Solutions is keen to bringing unique, innovative, and revolutionary products from around the world that will save and improve people's quality of life. 
Alpha Medical Solutions supplies medical products to Medical Centres, Hospitals, Aged Care, Dentists, First Aid, Home customers and other Healthcare professionals across Australia and overseas.
Prior to establishing Alpha Medical Solutions, Mateus Cemal spent twenty seven years in Retail, mostly in Brazil when he decided to migrate with his family to Australia in 2005.
Mateus has gained business and management experience in operations, purchasing, merchandising and distribution in companies such as PepsiCo., Cadbury, Delmar and Woolworths. He was inspired to found Alpha Medical Solutions when one of his family members began having health issues. It triggered him to brainstorm and visualize various solutions to different health problems which are common amongst the population. 
Alpha Medical Solutions offers a variety of Medical Supplies such as Gloves, Protective Wear, Paper Products, Tongue Depressors, Specimen Collection Facilitator and many more.
Alpha Medical Solutions has been providing our unique Specimen Collection Facilitator, called ColOff®, to Nursing Homes in Australia such as Montefiore, Calvary Retirement Communities, Uniting Care Ageing and it is registered at EBOS Australia. ColOff® has also been approved by Laverty Pathology in Australia.
Alpha Medical Solutions also provides Tic-Tong®, our exclusive Flavoured Plastic Tongue Depressors. Tic-Tong® has a bubble gum scent and flavour and makes an excellent tool for oral examinations especially when dealing with kids. Tic-Tong® is currently used by health professionals including GP's, ENT's, Paediatricians, Speech Pathologists and Dentists.
Tic-Tong® has shown a reduction in discomfort, anguish and fear in children caused by wooden tongue depressors during a doctor’s visit, improving interaction with the patient.
Alpha Medical Solutions is committed to providing the best innovative medical products in order to improve patient's experience and outcomes.