My Aged Care | Home Care Package

My Aged Care | Home Care Package

My Aged Care | Home Care Package (HCP)

My Aged Care | Home Care Package (HCP) is an Australian Government scheme aimed to support senior Australians to live independently in their own home for as long as it is safe and appropriate to do so by addressing your care needs and goals through the Home Care Package Program.

There are four levels of packages designed to meet the different levels of care needed. 

To get a Home Care Package, you need a comprehensive aged care assessment. This is done by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). During your assessment, your assessor will discuss your current care needs and supports. They will decide the best level of Home Care Package for you.

Eligibility is dependent on an aged care assessment conducted by an assessor who:

  • Discusses your care needs and then
  • Determines the level of care needed.

After you are assessed as needing a Home Care Package, you will be placed in the national priority system.  Once you are assigned a package, you need to find a home care provider who will work with you to:

  • choose care and services that best meet your assessed needs and personal goals; and
  • allow you to self-manage your care and services (if you choose to). 

After the assessment is completed, the Government then pays a subsidy amount for the level of the home care package to your chosen home care provider.

Incontinence Aids, Wound Care Products and Assistive Technology can be included within the care package, but the need should be discussed during the assessment process and with the home care provider.

Your Home Care Package can be used for:

For more information on including aids and equipment in your Home Care Package budget please see this link. You can also search “Home Care Packages” at

What other programs can I access at the same time as my Home Care Package?

It may be possible for you to get care and services through other programs that can complement your Home Care Package, such as:

To access this scheme you, your care provider or your family need to contact the My Aged Care by phoning 1800 200 422 or

For HCP Providers:

HCP Providers that have a Supplier Agreement with Alpha Medical Solutions can place orders using the following methods:


  • Select the products that suit your needs;
  • Go the Checkout Page;
  • Include the HCP Customer details on the Shipping Section;
  • Include the HCP Provider details on the Billing Section;
  • and on the Payment Method Section, select "Bank Deposit";
  • The system is going to automatically create an account for you where you can include as many Delivery Addresses as needed for your HCP Customers for future orders;
  • We will analyse your order and contact you for any additional comments, clarifications or inquiries.
Note: If there is no Service Agreement in place, an advance payment is required.

Contact Us Page: Alternatively, you can send us an email to with the information above and we will process the order accordingly.

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