Prodet Medical & Dental Instrument and Equipment Detergent - 5 Litres - Bottle - Each

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Prodet Instrument and Equipment Detergent

Prodet Medical & Dental Instrument and Equipment Detergent is a clinical detergent specially formulated that meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4187 & AS/NZS 4815 for optimal Infection Control. Prodet is a powerful cleaner – perfect for medical and dental instruments and also for effective cleaning of all clinical environments (equipment, furniture, floors etc).


  • Excellent wetting (detergency) across a broad temperature range.
  • Very low foaming under dynamic conditions even at ambient temperature.
  • Corrosion inhibitor incorporated into the formulation.
  • Mild alkaline formulation.
  • Improved performance in hard water.
  • No irritating or hazardous ingredients.
  • Excellent in systems operating under dynamic conditions where continuous, rapid surface-interface formation requires quick migration of surfactant to effect good wetting.

How to use:

  • ProDet when used as per the dilution rate nominated on the 500 ml Office Dispenser is a dynamic surface cleaner for the clinical environment.
  • Just apply ProDet to the surface then wipe clean and dry with a low lint, single use cloth.
  • If a surface is clean and dry, then the risk of cross infection is reduced considerably

Technical Specification:

Note: Plunger/ Pump has to bought separately


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    Great product does job well

    Posted by Mackay Ears on Mon 5 Feb 2024

    Speeedy drluvery

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