Disposable Commode Liner with Super Absorber Pads - 30 Pack

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  • Absorber Bag - Disposable Commode Liner
  • Disposable Commode Liner with Super Absorber Pad
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Disposable Commode Liner with Absorber Pad 

Disposable Commode Liners with Absorber Pads allow the safe collection, transportation and disposal or bodily fluids/waste. 

How to Use: 

  • Line the commode potty with a single Commode Liner. Place a single absorber pad at the base of the Commode Liner.
  • Upon contact with waste in the commode potty, the active gel particles in these pads will quickly solidify the contents, reducing the risk of spills and splashes whilst also blocking odours.
  • Seal the commode liner with the integral bag pull straps and dispose of appropriately.
  • Soiled product should be disposed of in the normal household waste (it is NOT toilet flushable). 


  • Designed to allow for the safe collection, transportation and disposal or bodily fluids/waste.
  • Absorbency: Super Absorber Pad solidifies up to 1.5 litres of body fluid and loose faeces to prevent spills, turning them into a gel in seconds
  • Gel particles within pads suppress odours
  • Fits most commode pails, commode buckets and bedside toilet liners.
  • Recommended for use in home cares, while travelling, hospitals and nursing homes or as bedpan liners
  • Suitable for infectious clients and isolation rooms
  • Single use
  • Liner's Opening Width: 55cm
  • Quantity per Box: 30 absorber bags and 30 super absorber pads


  • Assists carers by reducing the time and effort spent emptying, washing and sanitising the commode pot
  • Makes emptying a commode potty easier
  • Simple, easy and hygienic commode potty clean up
  • Create a cleaner and quicker waste disposal routine
  • Reduces risk of infection, spills and splashes
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