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Connect 1L Feed Set - 30 Pack

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Kangaroo Connect Feeding Set

Kangaroo Connect Feeding Set comes with either 1000 mL bag, a cassette for use with the Kangaroo Connect Feeding Pump, and an ENFit connector. The clear bag allows you to monitor how much has been fed while the clear tubing lets you see any obstructions. Also, the tubing is already integrated into the cassette making it quick and easy to use with the feeding pump.

The ENFit connector is the new standard for feeding tubes developed to eliminate misconnections between medical equipment. These connectors are designed to not be compatible with any other tubing, including IVs, so that all liquids go to the right place.

The Kangaroo Connect Feeding Set with Bag Anti-free Flow 1000 mL is disposable to avoid cross contamination. This also makes for quick disposal and minimal cleanup. Simply detach the cassette from the pump, unhook the bag from the pole, and dispose of per the instructions of your facility.


  • Cassette Fits Kangaroo Connect Feeding Pump
  • ENFit Connector Prevents Misconnection
  • Disposable
  • Clear tubing for early detection of blockages
  • Quantity per Pack: 30 Units per Pack
  • ARTG: 189723
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