Flocare Infinity Pack Set - 30 Pack

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  • Flocare Infinity Pack Set Y-Port 95347 | Nutricia
  • Flocare Infinity Pack Set No Port 95349 | Nutricia
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Flocare Infinity Pack Set

ENFit Infinity Pack Giving Set is compatible and designed to safely and securely connect enteral tube feeds to feeding tubes and accessories. Flocare Infinity Pack Set enable the connection between an ENFit feeding tube and feeding reservoirs with a cross port (ENPlus) connection.

Flocare feeding sets are compatible with: Flocare containers (40441, 40455, 70139)

For use with:

  • Mobile Feeding Sets For Flocare Infinity Pumps
  • For use with ENPlus Enteral Packs & OpTri Bottles

Flocare Infinity Pack Set Features:

  • Max 24 hours usage
  • Single patient usage
  • The internal diameter for the tubing is 2,7mm for Flocare Infinity Pack Sets and Flocare Infinity Pack Mobile sets). 3.9 mm for Flocare Gravity sets
  • Medication port is located 40 cm from the end of the set (for Flocare Pack and Gravity sets). 9 cm for Flocare Pack Mobile sets

Main Materials:

  • Medical grade PVC tubing, Latex-free, DEHP-free


  • A ENPlus connector (cross spike) with dustcap
  • B Drip chamber
  • C Infinity pump insert
  • D Medication port stopcock ENFit
  • E Female ENFit connector with dustcap


  • Flocare pack feeding sets connect to Nutrison and packs by a plus shaped spike end, which can only be connected to enteral feed packsand containers, thus increasing patient safety
  • ENFit connector design meeting ISO standard (80369-3)
  • Flocare universal feeding sets connect to Nutrison and Nutrini bottles by a screw connector
  • All Flocare Feeding sets are compatible with the Flocare Container
  • Available with and without a medication port, which accepts a female luer syringe
  • Roller clamp (sets with medication port only)
  • Latex and DEHP free materials
  • Coloured lilac to make a clear distinction from parenteral feeding systems
  • Quantity per Pack: 1 Each 

Additional information:

Selecting the best connection for your patient means choosing the most appropriate, and the safest, connection. Ideally this connection will have no (or a limited number of) adapters; this avoids confusion, improves safety and produces the lowest number of waste products.


  • Tube feeding may only commence after correct position of the tube has been validated (e.g. by pH measurement of gastric contents)
  • Follow aseptic practice when handling feed, tubes and feeding sets
  • Flush the tube before and after feed and medication administration, and at least 3 times a day
  • Sets need to be changed every 24 hours
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    Posted by Kymberlee Wessling on Thu 20 Jul 2023

    I find this product very good

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    Posted by Megan on Thu 27 Jul 2023

    Works well. Good product

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