Flocare PEG Tube - 2 Pack

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Flocare G-Tube

The Nutricia Flocare Gastrostomy tube can be used as a replacement of an existing Gastrostomy tube (PEG tube or G-tube) or as an initial Gastrostomy tube during a surgical intervention. The Flocare Gastronomy Tube is a silicone balloon catheter gastrostomy tube placed directly in the stomach, allowing the tube to pass through the abdomen. The Flocare G-tube is a silicone balloon catheter used as a replacement tube in a previously established stoma. Flocare PEG Tubes are used as a replacement gastrostomy tube, to ease the care and replacement for patients and carers.

ADVICE: The G-Tube is NOT to be used as an initial gastrostomy placement. Nutricia does not recommend this as per our 'Instruction for Use", as the G-Tube is designed as a replacement balloon gastrostomy. Do not overfill the balloon and use sterile water or saline.


  • Easy to place and replace by inflating and deflating the balloon with water Designed for maximum patient-comfort
  • Long-term tube feeding and/or stomach decompression
  • Transparent silicone tube, Charrière 10-14-16-18 or 20, complete length ±23cm, distance marks printed in centimeters from the balloon onwards
  • Radio-opaque tip Latex and DEHP-free materials
  • Colour of the balloon inflation port indicates Charrière size, the balloon contents are printed on the ring:
    • Green: Ch 14 Balloon contents: 5 ml
    • Red: Ch 18 Balloon contents: 15 ml
    • Yellow: Ch 20 Balloon contents: 15 ml
  • Funnel connection with closure cap
  • Silicone external fixation disc for fixation and kink-free bending of the tube, for maximum patient-comfort
  • Silicone internal retention balloon
  • Tubing in the balloon contains a radio-opaque line
  • There is contraindication to place or replace a G-tube in case of a non-established or infected stoma site, ascitis or peritoneal carcinoma.
  • Quantity per Pack: 2 Units per Pack


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