MIC Balloon Jejunal Feeding Tubes (Mic* J) With Enfit Connectors - 2 Pack

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MIC Balloon Jejunal Feeding Tubes (Mic J) With Enfit Connectors

Allows for delivery of enteral nutrition and medication via an access port labeled 'Jejunal' into the distal duodenum or proximal jejunum. The MIC* J Tube is intended for placement through a gastric stoma, and has an internal retention balloon and is a suitable option for patients who:

  • Cannot absorb adequate nutrition through their stomach
  • May have intestinal motility problems
  • May have gastric outlet obstruction
  • Suffer from severe gastro-oesophageal reflux
  • Are at risk of aspiration
  • Have had UGI surgery e.g. oesophagectomy or partial gastrectomy
  • Available in different sizes to meet individual adult and paediatric patient needs, these tubes can be placed
  • Endoscopically under endoscopic guidance
  • Radiologically under fluoroscopic guidance
  • Surgically or as replacement to an existing feeding tube using an established stoma tract. 

Product Features:

  • Medical grade silicone construction
  • Single access port with ENFit connector labeled 'Jejunal'
  • White port labeled BAL - to inflate and deflate the internal retention balloon
  • J Tube stoma Fr size is printed on the BAL port
  • Cm markings
  • SECUR-LOK external retention ring
  • Radiopaque stripe along length of the tube
  • Distal end can be trimmed for specific patient requirements
  • Quantity per Pack: 2 Units per Pack

Note: Jejunal length for both MIC* J and MIC-KEY* J tubes is measured from the distal aspect of the retention balloon to the tube tip. The standard length is 51cm but these tubes can be trimmed for specific patient requirements.

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