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Water Bottle - 2 Pieces Tube Cleaning Kit - Each

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Water Bottle - 2 Pieces Tube Cleaning Kit

The Hydrant Water Bottle Kit has a unique flexi-grip handle that can be hung from the bed, chair or wheelchair. The user has easy 24/7 access to water by simply taking hold of the tube, then inserting the bite valve between their lips, biting it and sucking. The bite valve opens under pressure and closes when released so there is no leakage. If The Hydrant is hung above head height, the tube works as a siphon, helping those with limited sucking ability, as fluid gently flows when the valve is activated.

The Cleaning Kit is an important accessory for safety and hygiene. It ensures protection from germs and bacteria. We highly recommend using our tube cleaning kit.

This optional cleaning kit includes: 
  • A flexible spring wire with a nylon brush on the end for cleaning the tube and
  • A small  nylon brush for cleaning the cap and mouthpiece.
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Note: In hospitals, we recommend to change the tube and bite valve daily.




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