Speedicath Flex Single Loop Fg14 Male 33cm - Each

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Speedicath Flex Single Loop Fg14 Male 33cm

Speedicath Flex Single Loop Fg14 Male 33cm is a pre-lubricated, hydrophilic coated catheter with a dry touch sleeve to allow for easy catheterisation and hygienic handling. Speedicath Flex Single Loop rounded, flexible tip finds the centre of the urethra every time, allowing the catheter to pass through difficult passages with ease. Speedicath Flex Single Loop packaging is discreet and easy to open, even with poor hand dexterity. Once used, the catheter can be placed into the re-sealable packaging for discreet disposal. To maintain an environmentally conscious product, the SpeediCath Flex packaging has been re-designed to be easier on the environment. This means removing all aluminium from the SpeediCath Flex grey packaging. SpeediCath Flex is available in single- and double-loop varieties.

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