Tena Duo Protection Layer 440 x 192mm - 30 Pack

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Tena Duo Protection Layer

Tena Duo Protection Layer has been specifically developed to support faecal incontinence. Designed to be inserted into a base pad from the TENA range.

Tena Duo Protection Layer has a bowl-shape for containment and a body shape fit for comfort and optimal security. It protects the base pad from faecal contamination and therefore can make managing faecal incontinence more time and cost effective.

Prepare the base pad by opening out fully including lifting of the standing gathers. Channel the TENA Duo Protection Layer by folding the product in half length-wise, insert the TENA Duo into the base pad, towards the back two-thirds of pad. To remove, roll the product from front to back to avoid cross- contamination.

Additional information:

Please note, TENA Duo is not designed to be used on its own and perineal hygiene must be maintained at all times. 

Both Tena Duo and the base pad must be changed immediately once in contact with faecal matter. Non woven back sheet allows urine to pass through to base pad  Helps protect base pad from contamination reducing base pad waste.  Side elastics work to create the bowl-shaped design that offers a cavity area for containment  Body shape design optimizes comfort and provides a superior body fit.


  • No plastic backing to allow urine to pass through to the base pad 
  • Body contoured
  • Soft Side Elastics 
  • Measurement: 440 x 192mm
  • Absorbency: 2500ml
  • Quantity per Pack: 30 Tena Duo per Pack


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