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Coagucheck Pro II 

Coagucheck Pro II helps determine INR and % quick value in capillary, venous and arterial blood in less than a minute. The multiple enhancements bring a lab closer to a patient. The incorporated heparin-suppressing test strips help provide accurate results that are not influenced by low haematocrit values and high fibrinogen concentration. 

The smart way to test for PT/INR with results on 1 minute. Now with PT/INR and aPTT results.

The next generation that makes all the difference for compliance and effective coagulation monitoring.


  • Enhanced connectivity through wireless technology
  • Only 8uL drop of capillary blood from a finger prick
  • Results within minutes
  • Avoids cross contamination with Out Of meter dosing
  • Quality Control: Each strip is checked to ensure integrity of each test
  • Touch screen operated and data management improvements
  • Holds Patient ID, Operator ID & QC ID for quality compliance
  • Large memory capacity: 2000 patient and 500 QC results
  • Operator and patient ID management and a printer option
  • Unique QR code feature and a 2-D barcode scanner
  • Quality control (QC) and operator lockouts
  • Insensitive to heparin means rapid transition from heparin to warfarin therapy
  • Unaffected by therapeutic levels of UFH/LMWH
  • Patient record history: retrieve results by list
  • Battery and/or mains operated
  • Test can be done while holding unit in hand. No need to be placed flat
  • 5 Year warranty
  • No strips are included
  • Quantity per Pack: 1 Each
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