HEINE K180 Diagnostic Set 3.5V With BETA 4 NT Handle And NT4 Charger - Each

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HEINE K180 Diagnostic Set 3.5V

HEINE K180 Diagnostic Set 3.5V is a contemporary, precision engineered Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope with maintenance free NT rechargeable handle including Li-ion rechargable battery. 

This diagnostic set is maintenance-free with dust-resistant housing. It is constructed of high-impact polycarbonate for long-lasting durability. The large scratch-resistant acrylic viewing window with 3x magnification gives you sharply focused distortion free images.


  • K180 Ophthalmoscope
  • K180 Fiber Optic Otoscope
  • 1 x 3.5v Beta 4 NT Rechargeable handle
  • NT4 charger (Li-ion battery)
  • 1 set of reusable tips
  • 1 hard case
  • Paper insert must be removed from battery to activate
  • Battery may take some force to remove from cap
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