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PDT Kit With Blu Single Stage Trachy Dilator - Each

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  • Portex UltraPerc Kit for Percutaneous Dilation Tracheostomy
  • Portex UltraPerc Kit for Percutaneous Dilation Tracheostomy
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Portex UltraPerc Tracheal Dilator Kit

The Portex Ultraperc Tracheal Dilator Kit single dilation percutaneous tracheostomy kits utilise the widely accepted Seldinger guidewire technique. The PDT kits are available with or without the innovative and popular Blue Line Ultra tracheostomy tube.

Features and Benefits:

  • Immediate, minimal delay. Convenience for both clinician and patient.
  • Cost effective, avoid theatre costs.
  • Full procedure pack (excluding drapes) for convenience and to avoid delays.
  • With or without Blue Line Ultra Tube.
  • Unique Blue Line Ultra introducer eases passage of tube into stoma minimising trauma.
  • Ergonomic handle design on single dilator.
  • Blue Line Ultra Tube features tapered tip, soft clear flange and Profile Soft Seal cuff.
  • Tube 15mm connector allows connection to breathing system or Thermovent heat and moisture exchanger, Thermovent T (100/570)
  • Kits with tubes include two inner cannulae
  • Quantity per Pack: 1 Each
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