Welch Allyn CP 150 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiograph With Spirometry And Automatic ECG Interpretation - Each

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CP 150 Resting ECG with Spirometry

CP 150 Resting ECG with Spirometry, experience simple, streamlined ECG testing with a solution that's designed to help practice run more efficiently.

CP 150 Resting ECG with Spirometry is designed for primary care practice, the CP 150 ECG helps streamline your workflow with clinical decision support and full-size print outs. The 7" colour touchscreen display lets you easily enter patient data.

CP150 ECG Machine with Spirometry for accurate 12-Lead resting ECG interpretation. Reliable, user-friendly, and efficient for all medical environments.


  • Intuitive touchscreen display - can improve accuracy, minimize training and save time
  • Lead quality display - help avoid repeat ECGs by identifying lead connection problems before completing a test
  • Instant-on feature - help eliminate typical start-up delay
  • 12-Lead ECG preview large display provides three, six or 12-lead ECG preview options
  • ECG Print Preview can save time and reduce paper costs by verifying the ECG test quality prior to printout
  • Optional spirometry module lets you perform two tests with one device

CP 150' Spirometry Option

  • Perform FVC and pre- and post-BD testing with automatic interpretation and reversibility analysis
  • Customise report formats and screen displays to fit your needs and workflow
  • Integrated ambient sensors can eliminate the need for the user to find and enter values for temperature, pressure and humidity
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