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Microclave Clear Neutral Displacement Connector - Each

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MicroClave Clear

The MicroClave Clear is the only neutral displacement connector that combines market-leading Clave technology with a clear housing that lets you visualize the fluid path so you can clearly see whether you have completely flushed the connector after blood draws or administration.

The design of needlefree intravenous (I.V.) connectors plays a substantial role in the ability to limit hospital-acquired bloodstream infections (HA-BSI). Not only does the MicroClave Clear provide enhanced patient safety through innovative technology, but it has also been proven to provide an effective microbial barrier against bacteria transfer and contamination.

The MicroClave Clear can be used on all peripheral, arterial, and central venous catheters for the administration of IV fluids or medications, and can be used with blood products. Does not require a change in clinical practice or technique and may help you address recent concerns raised by the FDA regarding the safety of positive displacement connectors.


  • Split-septum is noted in the CDC guidelines as a preferred design feature for connectors.
  • Straight fluid path allows for clearing of blood and blood residual with low flush volumes.
  • Minimal dead space (also referred to as residual volume) of 0.04 mL allows for lower flush volumes.
  • Clear housing permits visual confirmation of flush after use with medications or blood.
  • Allows a saline flush option, which can eliminate the risk of Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT).
  • Clamping sequence not required, reducing educational burden and risk of error.
  • Approved for use with power injectors.
  • Allows to effectively clear blood from the connector with as little as a 2.5 mL saline flush
  • Quantity per Pack: 1 Each


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