Onelink Connector IV Needle-Free 3cm 0.08ml - 10 Pack

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  • Onelink Connector Iv Needle-Free 3 Cm 0.08 Ml
  • Onelink Connector Iv Needle-Free 3 Cm 0.08 Ml
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One-Link IV Connector

One-Link IV Connector’s dual-seal design provides an extra layer of protection against microbial contamination. 


  • Needle Free IV Connector with neutral fluid displacement helps reduce the risk of thrombotic catheter occlusions
  • Power injectable 325 psi/2241 kPa with 0.08mL volume helps minimize connector failure and change-outs
  • Non-DEHP and Non-PVC
  • Neutral fluid displacement design
  • Compatible, flexible design works with a variety of valved and non-valved vascular access catheters
  • No clamping sequence required Simplifies training Clamp when not in use for patient safety
  • Tested for use up to 7 days/200 actuations†—aligns with CDC 2011 guidelines for the prevention of intravascular catheter-related infections
  • Saline or heparin flush option - Allows clinician flexibility to follow facility protocol
  • Quantity per Pack: 10 Units per Pack
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