Surflo IV Catheters - Each

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Surflo IV Catheter

The Surflo IV Catheter features a safe needle coated with medical grade lubricant, facilitating smooth penetration through tissue and minimizing patient discomfort. The catheter promotes a good flow of blood, ensuring efficient IV therapy.

The tip of the introducing needle is cut and honed to an ultra-sharp triple-level that is designed to minimise patient discomfort and tissue trauma, the gently tapered catheter aligns with the needle level to provide smooth transition from needle to catheter during insertion.

Features & Benefits:

  • A sharp double-bevel introducer needle plus a medical grade lubricant allow for easier penetration and smoother travel through tissue.
  • Preview chamber in clear sure-grip hub gives immediate indication of proper placement.
  • Flexible thinwall catheter with large inner diameter assures good blood flow.
  • Easy-to-handle, tamper-evident packaging make SURFLO I.V. Catheters a great clinical value.
  • Quantity per Pack: 1 Each
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