Curash Family Powder Medicated 100g - Each

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Curash Family Powder Medicated

Curash is a soft, fine powder formulated with zinc oxide to soothe, treat and help prevent rashes, skin irritation and chafing. The zinc oxide treats rashes by soothing the irritation and reducing the redness. The powder also absorbs excess perspiration and the zinc oxide provides a protective barrier to moisturise, helping prevent rashes. Use Curash to help treat and prevent prickly heat, chafed skin, heat rash, excess perspiration and sweaty feet.


  • Helps sooth irritation and reduces redness
  • Helps treat and prevent rashes by absorbing persperation
  • Contains active ingredient Zinc Oxide
  • Safe for everyday use
  • Fragrance Fee
  • Talc Free
  • Australian Made

Important Information

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For external use only.
  • Do not use on broken skin.
  • Keep powder away from children's face and mouth.
  • Avoid inhalation, which can cause breathing problems.
  • If symptoms persist, see your healthcare practitioner.
  • Store below 30ºC.

Directions and Usage Advice
Baby: Use every nappy change. Sprinkle powder onto hand (away from baby and smooth onto skin.)
Adults: Use daily on areas affected by chafing.

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