CoPhenylcaine Forte Flexi Nozzles - Pack

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  • CoPhenylcaine Forte - Flexi Nozzles Short
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  • CoPhenylcaine Forte - Flexi Nozzles Short
  • CoPhenylcaine Forte - Flexi Nozzles Short


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CoPhenylcaine Forte

CoPhenylcaine Forte is used for preparation of nasal mucosa for surgery. It aids in the treatment of acute nose bleeds and removal of foreign bodies from the nose. Topical anaesthesia prior to indirect or direct laryngoscopy and local vasoconstriction prior to endoscopy of upper airways.

CoPhenylcaine Forte Spray is a multiple use anaesthetic and vasoconstrictor spray for nasal tissue used by health professionals. It is dispensed via a single use Flexi Nozzle which is attached to the pump.

The Flexi Nozzle is a single use disposable atomising device used to deliver a fine mist spray.


  • A broad cradle platform
  • Fine nozzle tip
  • Individual nozzle wrapping


  • Short: 100mm
  • Long: 200mm - Can be use in 50ml Spray
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