Hydration Bottles


Hydration Bottle


“9/10 Elderly patients arrive at hospital with problems caused by dehydration (BBC Points West)”

Lack of easy, independent access to fluids is a major cause of dehydration and its associated problems.

 The Hydrant is the solution.

 The Hydrant is for anyone who is unable to drink independently or pick up a glass or jug, usually because they are bed bound or have limited mobility, increasing the risk of dehydration.

 The Hydrant has an innovative and intelligent design to give those with limited mobility a way to increase independence, solving the problem of reaching, lifting or holding drinks and thus promotes self-sufficiency and facilitates hydration for these individuals across Aged Care, Hospitals, Home Care and Maternity. 

Why is The Hydrant unique?

The Hydrant Benefits:  

1. For Patients/ Residents

2. For Nurses/ Carers - Savings and Efficiencies:

 3. As a result, The Hydrant brings additional benefits:

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