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UV Light Pro-MAX

UV Light Pro-Max sterilises up to 60 square metres in just 60 minutes - Kills 99.9% of bacteria, dust mites, germs and viruses  on surfaces and in the air!

A stylish patented design incorporating high quality ABS components with high tech LED UV technology providing the benchmark in UV Sterilizers. A super safe UV Light sterilizer with MOTION ACTIVATED SENSOR. 

It's inbuilt SMART (Sensitive Motion Activated Radar Technology) technology means that during operation UV Pro-MAX senses when a person or pet (larger than a mouse) comes within a 3-5m range and instantly switches into idle mode - turning off the UV bulb. After 10 seconds UV Pro-MAX automatically restarts the remainder of the programmed sterilization cycle.

UV Light Pro-MAX has dual UVC Light plus Ozone Sterilization and has been lab tested as killing 99% of microbes in the air and on surfaces when used as directed.

UVC Light Sterilization has been used and trusted by hospitals for decades. Ozone is a well-known and powerful oxidizer which kills microorganisms very effectively. Ozone sterilization applications in water and wastewater treatments are well-documented and are widely used by most of the modern cities. Using ozone to disinfect air is equally as effective as using it in water. Ozone is a much stronger oxidizer than other common disinfectants such as chlorine and hypochlorite (Household Chemical Cleaners).

The usage of these nasty chemical cleaners in many countries has decreased significantly due to the formation of cancer causing carcinogenic by-products. In contrast, ozone disinfection does not produce any harmful residues, and all the residual ozone that is produced during the sterilization cycle by UV Light Pro-MAX is converted back to oxygen within a matter of minutes. Ozone is therefore considered as a very safe an environmentally friendly disinfectant.

UVC +Ozone Sterilization is the easiest and most effective disinfection method currently available. It is Cost Effective, Eco Friendly and leaves no harmful chemical residues in your environment after disinfection is complete. 


Sterilization Time: 20sqm -15min / 40sqm - 30min / 60sqm - 60min

Area Coverage: up to 60sqm

UV Wavelength: 253.7nm

Power(W): 60watt / PLUS OZONE

Certification: FCC / CE / Rohs

Material: ABS

Size: 200mm x 200mm x 500mm

Weight: 1.8kg

Colour: Matt Black

Operating Temperature Range: -20℃  to 80℃


  • 185 – 253.7nm UV +Ozone
  • Quartz
  • Bulb Life: 8000 hours

Warranty: 1 Year

** UV lights should NOT be used to disinfect hands or other areas of your skin **

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