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Evac+Chair 900H Powered Evacuation Chair - Each

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Evac+Chair 900H Powered Evacuation Chair

The Evac+Chair 900H Power is a 24V Lithium-Ion battery operated, motorised evacuation chair that allows the operator to take the passenger to safety with virtually no physical effort neededThe Powered Belt Track System reduces manual handling and enables upward and downward evacuation. Quick and easy to operate it facilitates a smooth and safe method of evacuation for the mobility impaired.


  • Easy to use control pad enables the user to control the speed and direction (upward/downward) of the evacuation
  • Head support increases comfort of passengers head and neck
  • Push handles allow the Evac+Chair 900H Power to be easily manoeuvred on flat terrain
  • Powered Belt Track System reduces manual handling and provides a smooth upward/downward evacuation
  • Arm rests provides passenger support and assistance
  • Safety belt secures the passenger into the chair
  • 24V Lithium-Ion Battery powers the chair upwards and downwards. One full charge will last for 150 flights of stairs
  • Ascending control handles enables a 2nd person to assist in the operation, if required
  • Foot rest provides a secure place for the passenger to rest their feet, during evacuation
  • CE Mark, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified


  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery anti-theft key
  • Additional safety harness
  • Dust cover
  • Wall bracket & fitting instructions
  • User guide/Quick Start guide

Product Specifications:

  • Overall Height: 112cm (folded) 160cm (unfolded)
  • Overall Width: 52cm (folded) 52cm (unfolded)
  • Overall Depth: 27cm (folded) 122cm (unfolded)
  • Weight: 32kg (with battery) 30kg (without battery)
  • SWL: 160kg
  • Motor 200W (power) 24V (voltage)
  • Average Speed (m/s) 0.2 (ascending) 0.3 (descending)
  • Battery Life: 90mins (usage) 3-5 years (lifespan)
  • Charge Time: 5 hours
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