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Kendall Urinary Drain Bag Anti Reflux 2 Way Luer Lock Sampling Port 2000ml - 3 Pack

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Kendall Urinary Drain Bag

Kendall Urinary Drain Bag is a 2000cc catheter drainage bag with anti-reflux device. Kendall Urinary Drain Bag features contoured design, catheter adapter, and universal hanger the Kendall KenGuard Urinary Drainage Bag is also equipped with a carrying handle for ambulatory patients. Kendall Urinary Drain Bag enclosed drain spout provides a physical barrier between clinician and drain tube, reducing clinician exposure to fluids. Kendall Urinary Drain Bag top vent reduces positive and negative pressure events to properly drain the bladder. Kendall Urinary Drain Bag Luer lock and luer slip sample port helps prevent needle stick injury.


  • Includes Top Vent
  • Sample Port: Luer Lock
  • Tube Management with Sheet Clip
  • Drain: Enclosed Drain Spout
  • Hanger: String
  • Capacity: 2000ml
  • Anti Reflux
  • 2 Way
  • Luer Lock
  • Sampling Port
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